About the kennels

We have 12 kennels in total each with inside and outside areas. There is a hatch separating the two areas which we close at night. All kennels are all large family size suitable for 4 small, 3 medium or 2 large dogs. All dogs are exercised individually, unless from the same family, four times daily (after their breakfast, midday, late afternoon, and mid-evening) and they get out for a late night pee before receiving a teeth cleaning denta stick in bed. One of the owners is on the premises 24/7.

Our kennels have heat lamps and boards for cooler nights and during really cold weather days. We also top up the heat by running electric heaters in the corridors. The bedding we provide is optional plastic bucket type beds filled with veterinary fleeces, however, you are welcome to bring anything you feel will make your dog feel at home. We offer a selection of healthy complete and tinned food, although if your pet is on a special diet it is advisable that you bring a supply of their own food with them.

We keep your dog’s normal home routine as far as possible if you feed, once, twice or more times (for pups) we do the same. We are used to administering all forms of medication and cater for diabetic animals that require insulin injections. We are unable to accept any dog which is not fully up to date with vaccinations (including kennel cough vaccine, without a vet's note) or any dog suffering from any contagious or infectious condition.


The kennels and runs are cleaned and disinfected every day, using safe 4 disinfectant. Bedding is checked during every shift (i. E. 5 times a day)

About the cat cabins

We have 8 cat cabins in total. We chose to build them large enough for four cats per cabin so your cats will have plenty of extra room if you have less than four. We run 3 regular shifts with the cats. The cabins are cleaned and disinfected regularly with safe 4 disinfectant. Bedding is checked, litters are emptied and loving cuddles are dished out (if your cats enjoy that) at every visit. All maintenance grooming requirements are met daily for those cats with the longer coats. We provide bedding.

You are welcome to bring a blanket or clothing item smelling of home to help them settle. We provide Whiskas and Felix pouches and go cat dry food. We also provide a few Whiskas temptation treats just before bed time. Any further food requirements we ask that you bring with you. We are used to providing all forms of medication including injections for diabetic cats that require insulin.