Welcome to Crinan Kennels and Cattery

Gavin and Lisa have taken over Crinan Kennels and Cattery since May 2018 and we take pride in the way we look after the cats and dogs. We do spend a lot of time with the animals and treat them as if they are our own (who are very spoiled!). Because we are a small business - we have 12 kennels and 8 cat cabins - we are able to get to know the cats and dogs very well and can spend extra time with anyone who might be feeling particularly homesick. We do think that not many kennel owners will spend as much time as we do keeping the dogs and cats of all ages and breeds healthy, warm, safe and well entertained.

There are only the two of us here and we do go that extra mile! We have 5 sessions in total per day with the dogs. At 7:30 they are woken and let out for their morning needs while we tidy their rooms. They then have breakfast if required and afterwards a session outside either playing ball or simply walking with us, depending on their needs. We normally let the dogs out separately and only mix those that we know very well. On-going into their kennels again they can sit at their outside gates and be entertained watching as the other dogs play in turn.

They have play again at midday and are then fed between 4 and 5 pm followed by another play. Their next play is at 8pm and then they have a shorter visit outside at 11:30 pm before a dentastix and then bedtime. It is lovely to see dogs that have stayed with us before dragging their owners up the path to come in! They do generally all love it. The cats have luxurious and spacious cabins. Each has its own inside and outside area. We visit the cats after each dog session so we can cater for all feeding habits and medication requirements. We provide everything your cats need including grooming and cuddle 4 times a day plus a late night litter clean, water top up and treats.

You are welcome to bring anything that will help them settle in. The front of the cattery looks out on to our back garden and is at the opposite side of the property to the dog kennels. The cattery is a warm haven of tranquillity with lots of outside space to stretch their legs or roll in the sunshine.

For more information, give us a call now on 01556 474559 or view the Enquiry Page to send us an email.